Chinese Taipei Adds Contribution for Inclusive Growth Initiatives

Published on Monday,09 December 2019

Chinese Taipei has voluntarily contributed USD 550,000 in funding to support APEC initiatives that advance regional economic integration and inclusive sustainable growth across the Asia-Pacific.

The contribution, confirmed in a memorandum of understanding signed by Bob Loong-jin Chen, Chinese Taipei’s APEC Senior Official and Dr. Rebecca Sta Maria, Executive Director of the APEC Secretariat, will support the work of APEC’s Economic and Technical Cooperation forum in strengthening the capacity building of member economies.

The contribution will also support multiple initiatives, including those related to empowering the role of women and small and medium enterprises in the economy, and human security related issues such as emergency preparedness and universal healthcare, as well as the APEC Policy Support Unit, the forum’s research arm.

“APEC has been instrumental in advancing economic cooperation and boosting trade in the Asia-Pacific, which has enabled the region’s strong economic growth,” said Chen. “Following our contribution of USD 200,000 to the Digital Innovation Sub-Fund in March this year, we remain committed to continually working closely with all other APEC member economies to embrace the opportunities and tackle the challenges associated with the digital era. We are willing to deepen exchanges and share strategic perspectives in areas such as micro, small, and medium sized businesses, women’s empowerment, human resources development, healthcare, and the digital economy."

“We will also continue to work closely together with fellow economies to advance regional economic integration, improve the prosperity of people and increase inclusive growth and sustainable development in the APEC region through concrete measures and fostering partnerships,” he added.

Contributions from APEC member economies support projects that strengthen the capacity of members to tackle complex challenges, from behind-the-border trade issues to formulating policies for the digital economy. Training, research, and technical exchanges account for the 100-plus projects APEC delivers each year.

“APEC is a community that derives its strength from the active participation of its member economies, who make tremendous contributions in terms of resources, knowledge, and goodwill,” said Dr Rebecca Sta Maria, Executive Director of the APEC Secretariat. “Support for projects related to women and small and medium enterprises – both APEC priorities - helps us build a bright future for all in the Asia-Pacific.”

Source: https://www.apec.org/Press/News-Releases/2019/1209_CT