APSN Secretariat donated masks to Huayang's seafarers

Published on Monday,02 November 2020

1.pngFrom left to right: Captain Liu Wei, Deputy General Manager of the Labor Department of Huayang, Mr. Li Liqian, General Manager of Huayang, Mr. Jia Dashan, Secretary-General of the APSN,  Captain Representatives of Huayang, Ms. Ma Yanyan, Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Lu Cheng, Director of the APEC Port Study Center

On November 2, the APSN Secretariat donated masks to the crew of Huayang Maritime Center Co., Ltd. in Beijing. At the donation ceremony, Mr. Jia Dashan, SG of the APSN, said that at the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak caused serious impact on the economy, society and people's livehood. As the basic mode of transportation of world trade, shipping has taken on more than 85% of the world's international trade material transportation, which also plays a very important role in fighting the pandemic and ensuring the normal economy. Since the outbreak, the Huayang seafarers have performed their sailing tasks with due diligence and safety. Huayang seafarers still face greater risks in the coming round of high-risk season, especially international routes involving many countries with severe outbreaks. APSN donated masks to the Huanyang seafarers to help them perform their duties safely and stay away from the virus.

Mr. Li Liqian, General Manager of Huayang, expressed his gratitude to APSN for its care and recognition of Chinese seafarers as "key workers". He also thanks APSN for its close attention for the Chinese crew manning industry, strong support to the maritime transport industry in the APEC region and orderly promotion of international trade cooperation.

About Huayang Maritime Center

Huayang Maritime Center is a chain company focusing on shipping and information industry. Founded in 1995, Huayang started its journey from crew manning service and now has become the leading crew manning company in China. At present, Huayang has about 10,000 seafarers on board and annual manning has reached 15,000 person-times. Every year, Huayang will take about 600 maritime graduates from universities and colleges to cultivate and enlarge the crew. Besides crew manning, Huayang also do ship operation for 6 ships, ship management for 68 ships and ship agency for about 5000 ship-times every year. For information industry, Huayang has its owned IT company and provide software development service for both government and companies. Huayang also has its own maritime website CNSS as maritime public media.