The 2nd Extraordinary Meeting of the APSN Council Successfully Held on October 20, 2020

Published on Tuesday,20 October 2020

The 2nd Extraordinary Meeting of the APSN Council was successfully held on October 20, 2020 virtually. Council Members from Canada; China; Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; Japan; Malaysia; Papua New Guinea; Peru; the Philippines; Russian Federation; Singapore; Thailand, the United States of America and Viet Nam were in attendance. Mr. Bui Van Quy, Chair of the Advisory Board, also attended the meeting.

Mr. Marc-Yves Bertin, President of the APSN Council, opened the meeting and extended a warm welcome to all participants and looked forward to a fruitful discussion at the Council Meeting. Mr. Fei Weijun, the then Secretary-General of the APSN, delivered welcome remarks at the Council Meeting.

The meeting re-elected Mr. Marc-Yves Bertin as the President of the Council for another term. Mr. Bertin thanked the Council for its trust and expressed commitment to continue to serve the Council in the coming years.

Mr. Fei Weijun stepped down as Secretary-General of the APSN at this Extraordinary Council Meeting. The President, on behalf of the Council, expressed heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Fei, for his remarkable leadership of the Secretariat and his outstanding high-quality work in serving the Council. The Council noted with appreciation that Mr. Fei’s distinguished and long-standing contribution has led to the further growth of the APSN. Mr. Fei Weijun thanked the Council for its continued support to his work during the past 12 years and expressed that he would continue to contribute his share in the development of the APSN in the future.

The Council appointed Dr. Jia Dashan as the Secretary-General of the APSN and appointed Ms. Ma Yanyan as the Deputy Secretary-General of the APSN. Council Members expressed their support and commendation for the appointment of Dr. Jia Dashan and Ms. Ma Yanyan as the next Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General. The Council trusted that both Dr. Jia Dashan and Ms. Ma Yanyan, with their dedication and commitment and excellent abilities, will advance the good work of the Secretariat and contribute to the further development of the APSN. Dr. Jia Dashan and Ms. Ma Yanyan thanked the Council for its trust and confidence, and expressed their commitment to serve the APSN Secretariat. 

The Council also decided that the APSN events 2021, 2022 and 2023 will be held in China, the Philippines and Thailand, respectively. The Council expressed its gratitude to the President and the Secretariat for their hard work in ensuring another successful Council Meeting.