Port Self-Evaluation

Submitting Application Package to APSN Secretariat

·Application Package contains Application Form, Self-Evaluation Form and relevant materials.

·A completed port Self-Evaluation should be submitted with each application.Guide to GPAS Port Self-Evaluation.

·The application deadline is June 30th. Application received after the deadline will be evaluated in the following year.

Approval & Awarding

Approval by APSN Council Awarding in annual award ceremony


Inspection of the Application Package Completeness by APSN Secretariat Expert Evaluation by Evaluation Committee Final Score Calculation by APSN Secretariat

·Evaluation Committee composes five experts who shall be randomly selected from GPAS Expert Pool and the selection shall avoid any conflict of interest with the applicant.

·Expert Evaluation shall be conducted following the Guide to GPAS Expert Evaluation and the completed Expert Evaluation Form shall be submitted to APSN Secretariat.