Green Marine targets noise emissions

Published on February 02,2017

The new indicators are the result of collaboration among the industry, environmental organizations, the scientific community and government representatives and two years of extensive research.

Véronique Nolet, programme manager, Green Marine, said: “These new indicators notably encourage the maritime industry to work in collaboration with the scientific community to collect data on its noise emissions, which will be used to further develop strategies for noise reduction.”

WWF-Canada, a member of the working group that developed the indicators, said that they were developed to encourage the shipping industry to assess and reduce underwater noise that can affect marine mammals.

Green Marine said that accurate data on underwater noise generated by commercial shipping, its impacts and mitigation measures are insufficient to date.

But its 2016 collaborative report with Transport Canada on underwater noise highlighted the importance of understanding of noise impacts caused by commercial shipping and port activities on marine mammals.

The actions spurred by the new performance indicators include the identification of vulnerable areas identified in Canadian and American waters so that participants can decide whether their vessels sail in these areas or their maritime operations affect these regions.

The new underwater noise performance indicators will be optional during the first year of assessment (in 2017), as is always the case when new indicators are added to the programme. They will subsequently be mandatory to obtain Green Marine certification.

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