ASPN Workshop on Green Ports

Published on Tuesday,20 September 2011


The APEC Port Services Network (APSN) Workshop on Green Ports was successfully held on September 19, 2011 in San Francisco, California, USA. Representatives from 13 APEC economies, including Brunei Darussalam; Canada; China; Hong Kong, China; Japan; Malaysia; Papua New Guinea; the Philippines; Singapore; Chinese Taipei; Thailand; United Sates of America; and Vietnam, attended the APSN Workshop on Green Ports. Participants are senior officials from competent port authorities, industry leaders, APSN Council members and Regular members, representatives from APEC Secretariat and experts from relevant academia.

The workshop was moderated by Mr. Jerry Rysanek, President of the APSN Council. The workshop was composed of an opening session, 3 panels and a closing session. There were also information displays and a technical tour to port of Oakland organized at the workshop so as to enrich the discussions at the workshop.

The theme of the workshop is “Collaborating for Environmental Leadership”, which was extensively explored in three panels, including:

Panel 1: Policy Initiatives and Regulations for Green Ports

Panel 2: Port Initiatives and Best Practices;

Panel 3: Collaboration

On behalf of our U.S. host, Mr. Peter Dailey, Maritime Director of Port of San Francisco, welcomed all participants to San Francisco, USA.  Mr. David Matsuda, U.S. Maritime Administrator, delivered the keynote speech, highlighting that the need to create greener transportation options and the role of marine transportation in that effort is a cause that the United Sates and Pacific Rim economies share in common.

Panelists from Port Metro Vancouver of Canada, Port of Laem Chabang, Port of Los Angeles, Port of Seattle; Ministry of Transport of China, Transport Committee of Ningbo Municipality of China, Philippine Ports Authority, Hong Kong Shipowners Association; and, Green Award Foundation and Maersk Line, attended and addressed the workshop and held extensive discussions with participants.  Mr. Fei Weijun, Secretary-General of APSN, also made a presentation on APEC Green Port Certification System, which most of participants found quite interesting and insightful.

The fruitful outcome of the workshop will be shared with all workshop panelists and will be posted on APSN Website for access by APSN members as well as general public, and will also be submitted to information to the next meeting of APEC-TPT WG 35 and its Maritime Experts Group.

The APSN Workshop on Green Ports provided an invaluable forum for port authorities, port and shipping industries and relevant organizations for information exchange and best practice sharing. It has promoted the understanding of APEC member economies on green port and sustainable development of the APEC port industry as well, which will ultimately foster liberalization and facilitation of investment and trade in the APEC region.

The joint Ministerial Statement adopted at the 7th APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting held on 14 September, 2011 recognized the commendable efforts made by the APSN ever since its inception and encouraged APEC member economies to continue their support and active participation in the APSN activities and strengthen communication and cooperation among port and port-related industries in APEC region.  In the future, APSN will continue its efforts in the fulfillment of its objectives to promote sound and sustainable development of port and port-related industries in the APEC region.

All the presentations are available on the APSN website, which are vsible to users only. Please log in to see more.