APSN Workshop on Green Shipping and Supply Chains

Published on Wednesday,14 November 2012


The APEC Port Services Network (APSN) Workshop on Green Shipping and Supply Chains was successfully held on November 5, 2012 in Hong Kong, China. Participants from 12 APEC economies, including Australia; Canada; China; Hong Kong, China; Japan; Malaysia; the Philippines; Singapore; Chinese Taipei; Thailand; the United Sates of America and Vietnam attended the Workshop. They included senior officials from competent port authorities, industry leaders, APSN Council Members, Advisory Board Members and Regular Members, as well as experts from relevant academia.

The Workshop was organized in the light of the "Green Growth" objective endorsed by the APEC Leaders and Transportation Ministers, and it was also a follow-up activity to the last APSN Workshop on Green Ports held in September 2011 in the USA.

The Workshop was moderated by Mr. Jerry Rysanek, APSN Senior Consultant. In addition to the opening and closing sessions, the Workshop included following three business sessions:

Session 1: Carbon Footprint of the Supply Chain;

Session 2: Regulations and Industry Initiatives; and

Session 3: Green Shipping Innovation and Technology;

At the opening session, Mr. Daniel Haché, Council Member of Canada spoke on behalf of Mr. Tim Meisner, President of APSN Council, who sent his sincere regrets that he was unable to attend the Workshop, which he saw as an excellent contribution of the APSN Secretariat and all speakers towards the greening agenda of the APSN. The President also wished to extend his deepest gratitude to the Marine Department of Hong Kong, China for hosting the Workshop.

In his keynote address to the Workshop, Mr. Francis H.P. Liu, Director, Marine Department of Hong Kong, China and the APSN Council Member welcomed all participants and distinguished speakers from governments, ports, the shipping industry and non-governmental organizations. He remarked that this is the first time for the Marine Department of Hong Kong, in collaboration with the APSN Secretariat, to host such a meaningful event in Hong Kong and underlined that this would not have been possible without the staunch support from both the President and Secretary-General of the APSN as well as representatives from port and port-related industries within the APEC region.

Speakers from the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong, China, International Transport Forum (ITF), M Power Associates, Maersk Lines, Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), ASEAN Port Association (APA), International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), Hong Kong Shipowners Association, China Shipping, Modern Terminals Limited and Green Award Foundation made presentations at the Workshop and conducted extensive discussions with the participants. Mr. Fei Weijun, APSN Secretary-General, also made a presentation on the Prospective Development of APEC Green Ports which elaborated the APSN initiative on awarding green ports in the APEC region.

The Workshop provided an invaluable platform for port authorities, port and shipping industries and relevant organizations for information exchange and best practice sharing. It has promoted the understanding of APEC member economies on green development in the port and shipping industires, which will ultimately foster liberalization and facilitation of investment and trade in the APEC region. As the regional forum for port industry development, APSN will continue its efforts to promote the sustainable growth of port and port-related industries in the APEC region.

The fruitful outcomes in the form of the Workshop Report will be shared with all participants and will be posted on the APSN Website for access by APSN members and the general public. These outcomes will also be submitted for information to the next meeting of the APEC TPT-WG early 2013 and its Maritime Experts Group.