10th Meeting of the APSN Council

Published on Friday,18 August 2017

The 10th Meeting of the APSN Council was held on 17th-18th August, in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. Ms. Joyce Henry, President of the APSN Council addressed opening remarks and on behalf of the Viet Nam host. Dr. Bui Thien Thu, Deputy Administrator, Viet Nam Maritime Administration, Ministry of Transport of Viet Nam welcomed all participants to Viet Nam for the meeting.

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The APSN Council Members from Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong China, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, the United States and Viet Nam had an intensive discussion about the key issues related with the APSN development, including the Review of APSN Mandate and Constitution, Report on APSN Workshop on Dangerous Goods at Port, GPAS Implementation in 2017, APSN Study Center, APSN Five Year Strategic Plan, APSN 10th Anniversary Celebration in 2018, Financial Report of APSN and Action Plan for 2018.

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Mr. Jerry Rysanek, coordinator of Mandate Review Group (MRG), presented the MRG’s report on the review of APSN Mandate and Constitution to the Council. The Council decided that a discussed paper will be prepared intersessionally for approval of the Council in principle and a final draft of the revised Constitution will be prepared for consideration and adoption of the Council at 11th Meeting of the APSN Council in 2018.

As an achievement of the 2016 APSN Workshop on Dangerous Goods at Ports, the Council requested the Secretariat to compile best practices on handling dangerous goods at ports in APEC regions with the help of the Council Members.

The Council expressed its appreciation for the efforts of the Secretariat to improve GPAS and encouraged ports in the APEC region to apply for the award. Council Members were also encouraged to promote the GPAS within their own economies and to provide experts for the pool of experts for the evaluation of future applications. The Council requested the Secretariat to develop a guideline for ports who reapply the GPAS and agreed the GPAS Workshop will be organized at the earliest possible date taking into consideration the other activities and events of the APSN.  

The Secretariat reported the implementation plan of APSN Study Center to the Council. The Council agreed the Study Center would be launch the APSN Study Center in 2018 in conjunction with the APEC Port Connectivity Forum and the next Council meeting.

The Council requested a new Strategic Plan (2019-2023) should reflect the APSN’s revised mandate and constitution for the next Council Meeting.

The Council considered proposals to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the inaugural session of the APSN presented by the Secretariat agreed to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2018 in conjunction with the 11th Meeting of APSN Council and the proposed APEC Port Connectivity Forum 2018.

The Council thanked the Secretariat for the progress report and expressed its appreciation to the Secretariat for their work since last Council Meeting.

The Council endorsed the proposed Action Plan 2018 by the Secretariat and decided that the 2018 APEC Port Connectivity Forum will be held back to back with the 11th Council meeting.

The 6th Meeting of the APSN Advisory Board was held at the same time simultaneously. The Advisory Board Members from Canada, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the United States and Viet Nam were reported the key the main issues related the GPAS implementation, review of the APSN’s Mandate and Constitution, Report on APSN Workshop on Dangerous Goods at Ports, and Action Plan for 2018 and propounded their ideas and suggestions about the documents and the development of APSN.