7th Meeting of the APSN Council

Published on Wednesday,05 November 2014


The 7th Meeting of the APEC Port Services Network (APSN) Council was successfully held on 3-4 November, 2014 in Seattle, USA. Council Members and Alternates from Canada; China; Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; Japan; Malaysia; the Philippines; Singapore; Chinese Taipei; Thailand; the United States of America and Vietnam were in attendance. Advisory Board Members from Canada; China; Hong Kong, China; Singapore; Chinese Taipei; and Vietnam observed the meeting.

Dato’ Abdullah Yusuff Bin Basiron, First Vice-President of the Council opened the meeting and extended warm welcome to all the participants and looked forward to a fruitful discussion at the Council meeting. On behalf of the U.S. host, Mr. Lonnie Kishiyama, Director of the Office of International Activities, Maritime Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, welcomed all participants to Seattle. 

The meeting had extensive discussions on several issues, including the APSN Five-Year Strategic Plan, Action Plan 2015, Organizational Structure of APSN Secretariat, APSN Membership Dues and Financial Rules, Budget for 2015, APSN Green Port Award System (GPAS), Quarterly Newsletters and Port Development Report as well as outcome of the third Advisory Board meeting.

The Council noted the tangible progress and specific actions set out in the Five-Year Strategic Plan and agreed that it helped to build the APSN’s brand recognition and the future direction of its development. The Council endorsed the Action Plan 2015, which established a work plan for the Organization to fulfill its objectives in the coming year. As regards the theme for the 2015 workshop, the Council agreed that the theme should be determined by reflecting on the outcome of:

a)the 2014 Workshop on Gateway Ports and Supply Chain Connectivity, held in Seattle; and 

b)an issue scan that will be carried out in early 2015.. 

The Council noted the progress made by the Secretariat in developing the financial rules and regulations and that these needed to take into account generally accepted accounting principles, the relevant rules and laws of the host economy and the need to tailor the rules and regulations to a small international organization such as the APSN. The Council approved the proposed Financial Rules and Regulations and agreed that the membership dues will be collected starting in 2016. 

The Council expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the 3rd Advisory Board Meeting moderated by Mr. J. Rysanek, APSN Senior Consultant. The Council thanked the Advisory Board Members for their report and contribution to the discussions. The Council was encouraged by the results of the Advisory Board meeting and welcomed the views and proposals made by its Members that are fully consistent with the mandate of the Advisory Board. 

In terms of the GPAS and information services of APSN, the Council noted the progress made in the last year on the implementation of the GPAS, including the Application and Evaluation Guidelines, the results of the questionnaires collected from different stakeholders, and the launch of the pilot projects involving ports from Singapore, China and Thailand. The Council reiterated the importance of promoting information sharing and exchange among member economies and port and port-related industries in the APEC region, and adopted the new approaches of the Quarterly Newsletter and the Port Development Report.

The Council expressed its gratitude to the President, the Vice-Presidents and Mr. Rysanek for their hard work in ensuring another successful Council meeting and APSN workshop. The Council also thanked the U.S. Department of Transportation for hosting the Council Meeting and Workshop and the hospitality extended to all the participants at this meeting.