6th Meeting of the APSN Council

Published on Friday,08 November 2013


The 6th Meeting of the APEC Port Services Network (APSN) Council was successfully held on 6-7 November, 2013 in Phuket, Thailand. Council Members and Alternates from Australia; Canada; China; Hong Kong, China; Japan; Malaysia; the Philippines; Russian Federation; Singapore; Thailand; the United States of America and Vietnam were in attendance. Advisory Board Members from China; Singapore and Thailand, APSN Senior Consultant and representatives from Energy Foundation, the ASEAN-German Technical Cooperation Sustainable Port Development Project as well as the port corporations of China, Indonesia and Thailand observed the meeting.

Mr. Tim Meisner, President of the APSN Council opened the meeting and expressed warm welcome to all the participants and looked forward to a fruitful discussion at the Council meeting. On behalf of the Thai hosts, Ms. Lawan Oungkiros, Council Member of Thailand, and Advisor to the Board of Commissioners of Port Authority of Thailand also welcomed all the participants to Thailand.  

The meeting had extensive discussions on issues of The meeting was marked by extensive discussions on issues set out in the APSN Five-Year Strategic Plan, Action Plan 2014, the Implementation Plan for APSN Green Port Award System (GPAS), the Updates on the development of APSN Membership Dues and Financial Rules, APSN work progress, E-newsletters and Port Development Report as well as outcomes of the APSN Workshop and the second Advisory Board meeting also held in Phuket.

The Council endorsed the APSN Five-Year Strategic Plan (2014-2018) and the Action Plan 2014, which provided guiding directions for a long-term and an annual work plan, respectively, for the Organization to fulfill its objectives. The Council decided that, while maintaining the “green” agenda, the Organization would also focus on other topics, in particular the gateway ports and supply chain connectivity in its future work plan.

The Council recognized the importance of ensuring the financial sustainability of the Organization and agreed that the proper financial rules and regulations should be developed in consultation with the APEC Secretariat. The Council also agreed that the membership due should be collected from 2015 following the adoption of the APSN financial rules and regulations at its next meeting in 2014. The Council further invited member economies to continue to make contributions to the Organization by way of financial contributions or by providing support or services in various forms.

The Council appreciated the work progress by the APSN Secretariat in advancing the green port development in the APEC region, and endorsed the implementation plan for the APSN Green Port Award System. The Council also encouraged ports of member economies to actively participate in the pilot project of the GPAS.

The Council expressed satisfaction with the outcomes of the APSN Green Port Workshop and the second Advisory Board Meeting. The Council agreed that these activities provided a valuable platform for direct dialogue and communication between the government and private sectors in the APEC region, and encouraged to continue such activities in the future.

The Council recognized the importance of promoting information sharing and exchange among member economies and port and port-related industries in the APEC region. The Council agreed that the Organization should continue the production and circulation of E-newsletters and Port Development Report for that purpose.

The Council expressed appreciation to the APSN Secretariat led by Mr. Fei Weijun, the APSN Secretary-General, for their hard and efficient work over the past year, and commended the continuous effort to improve the capacity of the Secretariat to provide support the Council and to serve the port and port-related industries in the APEC region.

The Council finally expressed its gratitude to the Port Authority of Thailand for the excellent arrangement and hospitality extended to all the participants at this meeting.