4th Meeting of the ASPN Council

Published on Wednesday,21 September 2011


The 4th Meeting of the APEC Port Services Network (APSN) Council was successfully held on 20-21, September, 2011, in San Francisco, USA. Council members from Canada; China; Hong Kong, China; Japan; Malaysia; Papua New Guinea; the Philippines; Singapore; Chinese Taipei; Thailand; the United States of America and Vietnam were in attendance. The representative of the APEC Secretariat and 10 Regular members and observers also attended the meeting. The representative from Brunei Darussalam also attended the meeting as an Observer.

Mr. Jerry Rysanek, President of the APSN Council, opened the meeting and welcomed all Council Members and Regular Members, and particularly the two new Council Members from Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. In his speech, on behalf of the Council, the President expressed his gratitude to USA for hosting the 4th APSN Council meeting in San Francisco and the hospitality extended to all participants.

During the opening of the joint session, Mr. Gregory Hall, US Council Member, welcomed all participants to San Francisco and expressed his appreciation to the 2011 APEC Host Committee for the excellent arrangements for the APSN meeting, and looked forward to the its fruitful outcome.

Mr. Jerry Rysanek of Canada was re-elected as President of the Council. In order to ensure a smooth transition of the leadership of APSN from the current President upon his retirement in early 2012, the Council elected Mr. Tim Meisner, Director General of Marine Policy of Transport Canada as the new President of APSN Council.

The Council held extensive debates on such key agenda items as Advisory Board Membership, Proposal on Membership Dues Collection, and Amendments to APSN Constitution and made relevant decisions to guide the Secretariat to move forward in 2012.  With regards to the Advisory Board Membership, the Council approved the nomination of Advisory Board Members by Canada, China; Hong Kong, China and Vietnam and adopted the Terms of Reference with certain amendments proposed by some Council members. The Council members who have not yet done so were invited to nominate their Advisory Board Members as soon as possible. The Council also agreed that the Advisory Board should have the opportunity to meet both separately in private, and jointly with the Council, as appropriate.

The Secretariat presented a progress report to the Council on the work undertaken since the 3rd Council meeting held in September 2010 in Shanghai, China, highlighting efforts to build capacity within the APSN Secretariat, promotion of the APSN and networking efforts within APEC and with other organizations, developments of APSN Port Development, updates of APSN Port Database and issue of APSN Quarterly Newsletter. By far, the APSN has 16 Council Members with two new Council Members nominated by Malaysia and Papua New Guinea respectively since the last Council meeting in 2010; and a total number of 106 Regular members from 10 APEC member economies. In particular, the Council noted that the APSN Secretariat in collaboration with the US colleagues has successfully organized the APSN Workshop on Green Ports on September 19, 2011 prior to this Council meeting.

Mr. Fei Weijun, Secretary General of APSN, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Council and to the President for their invaluable support and contributions to the development of the APSN in 2011, without which it would not have been possible to make such tangible progress. The Council noted with great satisfaction with the work done by the Secretariat during the past twelve months.

For the upcoming 2012 year, the APSN will continue its efforts to promote the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment. Endeavours will include but not be limited to, a workshop on the theme of green shipping and supply chain, a Feasibility Study on APSN Green Port Award System, promotional activities, APSN Port Development Report for 2011, the APSN Port Database as well as the APSN Newsletter.  The APSN envisages a quite busy year ahead and your support and active participation of our activities are more than welcome.