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发布日期 2018年11月16日



APEC Port Services Network

Singapore Declaration

on the 10th Anniversary of APSN

adopted on 14 November 2018

1.    The 10th Anniversary of the APEC Port Services Network (APSN) is a historic occasion that captures our success in attaining the goal of promoting economically and environmentally sustainable ports by strengthening cooperation, developing best practices, enhancing supply chain effectiveness, building capacity and stimulating information and personnel exchange among port and port-related industries and services in the Asia Pacific region.

2.    As we celebrate this milestone, we note with satisfaction that, since its inauguration in November 2008, the APSN has grown into a premier platform for communication and collaboration in the port and related industries in the Asia-Pacific region. The APSN is committed to promoting the development of APEC port industry by fostering a more cohesive and cooperative partnership among APEC port and related industries, encouraging capacity-building and information sharing and enhanced safety and security, efficiency and environmental and social responsibility of ports; and ensuring the interests and views of APEC port industries are duly presented to the competent authorities of the member economies.

3.    The APSN has built a reputation for creating a unique channel for dialogues between industries and competent authorities on various issues of common interests. Our achievement would not be possible without the invaluable support and great contribution from all stakeholders, including but not limited to Council members, Advisory Board members, Corporate and Associate members as well as other related stakeholders.

4.    We acknowledge that ports play an important role in connectivity and sustainability, which are the fundamental elements for the economic integration and prosperous development of the Asia-Pacific region. We recognize that ports are the most essential gateways in global supply chain, and we will be committed to promoting port connectivity as our long-term strategic direction.

5.    We reaffirm our commitment to focusing our efforts on the sustainable development of ports and technological innovation; we encourage more ports to participate in the Green Port Award System (GPAS); and we reiterate our commitment to strengthen port safety and resilience.

6.    As we move forward together, we will continue to strengthen the APSN by building a dynamic and influential international organization by networking for stronger port industry and better community and improving the overall quality and competitiveness of the APEC port industry. We look forward to the continued and active participation of all APSN member economies and more members of APEC to join the APSN.

7.    Today, as we gather in Singapore in conjunction with the APSN Port Connectivity Forum, we look to the next 10 years and beyond, confident in our ability to build on our past achievements and address future challenges effectively, and to embrace an even more promising future through the guidance of the APSN Five Year Strategic Plan (2019-2023) and the significant role of the APSN Study Centre.